Articles & Publications


Exploring the power of parity

Oct 2016


Home Truths

Sept 2016


Four ways to help your city thrive

Aug 2016


A more devolved kingdom

July 2016


LGF needs to be objective and open

Feb 2016



2014 and before

A fright at the opera

MJ, Sept 2014


Combined social care authorities

October 2014


Follow the Golden Spiral

MJ, October 2014


Multiculturalism is weakened when individual rights are neglected

LGC, September 2014


We need a smarter approach to supply management

LGC, June 2014


Local Govt needs professional management

LGC, February 2014


The Civic Square & The Public Triangle

Institute for Government: InsideOut, February 2014


Localising business rates: the case against

Local Government Chronicle, December 2011


Tigers, hawks and sharks: re-imagining public leadership

ESADE, October 2011


Better, Quicker, Cheaper

Public Management, ICMA, August 2011


The Power of Proximity

RSA Journal, Summer 2011


Are shared services really out of reach?

The Management Journal, June 2009


Building trust in the community

the Management Journal, June 2009


The shield of survival

Local Government Chronicle, October 2008


Guide to decision making and the art of giving advice

Solace, May 2008


Roots of cooperation and routes to collaboration

In The Collaborative State, Demos, 2007


The Four Things You Need To Know

Public Policy & Administration, June 2007


Making Assets Work

DCLG, May 2007


The Three Rs: respect, reason and rights

Solace Foundation Imprint, December 2006,


The welfare of the people above all

In What is Public Management For?, PMPA, 2006


Innovation in Local Democracy

Local Government Studies, June 2006


Localising Efficiency: more than just saving money

Local Government Studies, November 2005


Local government: the adaptive tier of governance

In The Adaptive State, Demos, 2003

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