Keynotes & Presentations



Ethics: The truth and the demands of public reason

Solace Summit, Gateshead. October 2016


Future skills for London leaders

March 2016


UK local government overview

February 2016


Re-imagining Birmingham

November 2015


People Management at LGA

October 2015


10 Leadership Lessons

Belfast, October 2015


Social Diversity at ICMA in Seattle

September 2015


LGC Summit

Sept 2015


Annual Leadership Institute Seattle

September 2015


High Performing Councils in Cardiff

July 2015


Performance at London Fire Brigade

April 2015


Public Leadership in Melbourne

February 2015


Re-imagining Government in Hobart

February 2015

2014 and before

Local Leadership and Risk

CIPFA annual conference, July 2014


Doing things Differently

Cardiff Public Services Summit, June 2014


The dynamics of London & people based approaches to organisational change

A talk to London chief executives at IfG, March 2014


Managing the Gap

Keynote presentation to SOLGM conference, Wellington, New Zealand, June 2014


Skills for the future

A presentation in Wellington, New Zealand for SOLGM, November 2013


Sources and sites of economic growth

A presentation on local economic approaches to growth, October 2013


Peer based learning & improvement

A presentation for local government peer review teams, October 2013


Using design to remain relevant

A talk on service design and local government at the LGA, September 2013


A stance for leading others

A talk on the essence of public sector managerial leadership, Solace at Sunningdale, July 2013


Be good to do good

A talk on performance improvement at the LGA, June 2013


Solace Master Class: Public Sector Leadership

February 2013


Using the Public Triangle to Build Trust: Barry Quirk & John Nalbandian

ICMA, October 2012


Leading and Managing in the "New Normal"

Cornwall Council, Truro Cornwall, March 2012,


The Geography of Governing

LGA Leadership of Place conference, Birmingham, February 2012


Public Leadership in Challenging Times

LGA Leeds Castle leadership programme, Birmingham, October 2011


Design and service supply in local government

Design for Growth Summit, Design Council, London, June 2011


Risky Business

LGA Annual Conference, Birmingham, June 2011


Progress carefully, but always progress

Chief Finance Officer Summit, CIPFA, London, June 2011


The Character of Change

Further Education Leaders' Conference, London, April 2011


The defining characteristics of high performing public service organisations

Holyrood conference, Edinburgh, March 2011

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